Portfolio Of Recent Projects



The following projects are just a few of the projects completed for clients at Sutton Coldfield Webs. If you’d like to speak to us regarding a project you have in mind then simply head over to the contact page and drop us an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

Rei-Flex Website Design

Rei-Flex is a local company specializing in Reflexology and Reki services for clients in the Sutton Coldfield and local Birmingham area. They approached us at Sutton Coldfield Webs to provide them with a new and fresh looking website to match their currently business card branding. This included
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House Of Hoban Website Design

House Of Hoban are a UK based company specializing in powder coating products and equipment  They approached us at Sutton Coldfield Web Design to provide them with a complete re-brand for their company. This included the design and creation of a brand new logo for the website and for print,
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Bingo Wise Website Design

Bingo Wise is a large online bingo portal which has been designed and developed from the ground up using the WordPress platform. The website itself has been designed with the user in mind at every level to provide a useful portal for new and seasoned online bingo players. During the design brief
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Tigon 3D Website Design

Tigon 3D is a design, development and graphics start up company who needed their own online web presence and they approached Sutton Coldfield Webs to provide that for them. Tigon 3D wanted a professional and clean platform which would provide them with a company and brand
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Explore Titanic Website Design

Explore Titanic is an informational based website which was built to commemorate the Titanic centenary in April 2012. Explore Titanic was built with an important emphasis on structure, design and social media interaction. You can see the live Explore Titanic website and their Facebook fan-page
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StreetDaq Blog Design

StreetDaq is a virtual street trading website which allows you to purchase your own street, blog on it and earn money from your own section of the web. The StreetDaq team contacted us to create a blog for them which would provide a method for them to publish articles, news and updates to the web
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Affiliate Wizard Network Re-Design

The Affiliate Wizard Network is the central hub for the Affiliate Wizard company, a software development and affiliate marketing brand which provides services and support to clients looking to earn an income using the Internet. The Affiliate Wizard Network website was entirely re-designed and
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